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Cuefx - Whale (feat. Doministry)

Barely a few days after our last premiere, we are proud to present a new portion of ambient sounds. This new musical story by Cuefx is a free single enriched with additional renditions by invited guests. The list of remixes is opened by the soothing interpretation by Crookram, with its characteristic recurring vocalise. The slowly unwinding variation with its abstract intro belongs to Printempo, while the electronic version of “Whale”, with an original beat, is a work of Deam. The single also introduces a newcomer, Blossom, whose more lively, yet still downtempo composition closes the set. In addition the single features bonus track, instrumental and acapella versions of “Whale”, which altogether form a set that perfectly fits into the summer spirit.

"I'm the whale, big blue whale, in the sea here i sail
All is blue, all is black, all i like i marine crack,
My morality is pure, i just swim and have no cure, for that life all pain and dust all i need is all i must."

01 Whale
02 Whale (Crookram rmx)
03 Whale (Printempo rmx)
04 Whale (Deam rmx)
05 Whale (Blossom rmx)
06 Whale (instrumental)
07 Whale (acapella)
08 Mellow Tide (feat. Andrey Sacheva)

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Cover design Justyna Bielecka